When the Camera Rolls


Gone in a Flash

What’s Up?

These are my memories of my grandfather. He is battling Alzheimer’s and cannot share his own memories. The structure of the animation is set up like a brain. Similarly to an electronic database, this brain tries to retrieve archived memories. At first, this task is completed with relative ease. This is reflected in the highly realistic depictions of…


Juror’s Honorable Mention, Student Exhibition, Davidson College, 2016 | Published in LIBERTAS  

Giuditta I

Paintings selected by Palazzo Strozzi’s Education Department for “Holy! Holy! Holy!”  Presentation | Florence, Italy | In order to save her people from the threat of the Assyrian army, Judith prays to God for deliverance. She breaches the Assyrian camp, seduces the leader Holofernes, and beheads him in his drunken slumber. Her people celebrate her for her bravery…

Giuditta II

Selected for ArtClash 2016 exhibition | Florence, Italy | This series of prints revisits themes from the Giuditta I paintings. The story of Judith and Holofernes is a story of fragmentation and a question of interpretation. In the name of God, Judith fragments Holofernes. My interpretation of this murder is only a fragment of whole story. 1/1,…